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DKCH, LP1, LP2, LP3 Maccabee Huckleberryfinn (Yatzy)

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Født/Born d. 14.06.2005
Reg.nr. 18659/2005
Opdrætter/Breeder Kennel Maccabee 
v/ Ella Lamusuo
Yatzy's mother Nana Int & Fin & Ltu ShCh
BaltW-99 FW'04 & '06
Fin ObCh BH JK1 FH2
Maccabee Bilberry Cream
Yatzy's father AMCH Brackenhill Royal Tartan
Hofter / Hips A   (excellent) 
HD index 11.02.09 125,00 - sikkerhed 0,601
Albuer / Elbows 0   (excellent)   
Eyes - CEA DNA normal by parents
CL DNA normal by parents
TNS DNA normal
MDR-1 DNA normal
Glaucoma Unaffected
High 51 cm
Weight 18 kg

Yatzy has achived :

In show: Best puppy 2006
(in the Danish Border Collie club)
Best baby puppy 2005

(in the Danish Border Collie club)
3. best male 2008
(in the Danish Border Collie club)

3x (DK) CAC/cert,
2x CACIB, 15 month
4x res. CACIB
2x BOB, 2x BOS
1x club CAC
In Obedience: 7 x excellent in LP1
Many excellent in LP2
2 x excellent in LP3
1x excellent in Beginnerclass, Germany
1 x excellent in class 1 Germany
Herding trials Not started yet :-) 
but making big progress!!

Yatzy 2 years.

I’m so grateful to breeder Ella Lamusuo, Kennel Maccabee and owner of Nana (his mother) Hanna Helminen, to give me the possibility to bring Yatzy, this little self-confident guy to Denmark!

Last News about Yatzy:

Pictures until 8 weeks

29.07.06 Obedience competition Brøndby 29-30. July 2006

We has been to a big obedience competition in a terrible heat +30 degrees and no shadow. Yatzy did very well - I really loves to work with him. He' so funny, eager and happy. Saturday we waited 7 hours to get into the ring - it was awful and 5 minutes before we shut warm up, Yatzy fell in a deep deep sleep - He was just so tired. You can se his results here
Sunday it was still hot, but only after 3 hours we shut go into the ring - he was so silly and but had a lot of fun*smile*

Heidi Petersen took these lovely pictures - click to enlarge.

juli06_brondby1.jpg (97990 byte)

juli06_brondby2.jpg (90477 byte)


02.07.06 Yatzy got his first CC

We had a wonderful mini holiday at Bornholm with Anne and Geysier. We stay with our good friends Ditte, Christian, Kimmi and the dogs. At Sunday we went to a National Show with big success for Vomba and Yatzy. Vomba became best male and BOB and Yatzy became 2.best male with his first CC - What a day for my lovely boys!!

05.06.06 Yatzy passed class 1 in obedience today, 11 month old!

Today we had been to our first obedience competition together - im so proud of my little man! My only hope for the day was, he shut stay in the ring. He's still a very young man, and he often forgot what he has learned, and want to play and be silly instead *smile*  But he did it very well (for his age) and we had a lot of fun..he is just sooo charming, even the judge laugh at him!!!! So now Yatzy has recived his first titel  "LP1" - jubiiiiii See his points here

13.05.06 Yatzy 11 month
Photos: Vicky Bjerring-Petersen - Thanks so much Vicky!!!!!
Click at the picture to enlarge.
  Yatzy & Vomba y_staar130506b.jpg (116920 byte)

y_v sammen130506b.jpg (114289 byte)


y_sidder130506a.jpg (130462 byte)

y_portraet130506.jpg (91302 byte) y_staar130506a.jpg (106898 byte)  
  y_ligger130506a.jpg (103767 byte) y_ligger130506b.jpg (102929 byte) y_ligger130506e.jpg (90950 byte)  

Yatzy is doing heelwork 10 month old

  heelwork5s.jpg (37978 byte) heelwork2s.jpg (43786 byte)

Photos: Vicky Bjerring-Petersen


Click at the picture to enlarge.


Yatzy is herding 10 month old


Thanks to Stine Hiort who had taken these wonderful pictures of Yatzy. Yatzy has a perfect behavior when we are working at the sheep, calm and concentrated, and tuff when its needed! He is just a wonderful dog in every way!!!! 
How lucky can I be?
Click at the picture to enlarge.

  April 20060024.jpg (82887 byte) April 20060027.jpg (122407 byte) April 20060057.jpg (135815 byte) April 20060042.jpg (116723 byte)
  April 20060045.jpg (117684 byte) April 20060047.jpg (120055 byte) April 20060053.jpg (110856 byte) April 20060056.jpg (103189 byte)
  April 20060055.jpg (98769 byte) April 20060059.jpg (123321 byte) April 20060063.jpg (55025 byte) April 20060068.jpg (87475 byte)
    April 20060077.jpg (119096 byte) April 20060075.jpg (90646 byte)  

New picures


2 new pictures of Yatzy almost 10 month - he has become a very handsome young man!!




 Yatzy has been out for a swim!

  A new dog-swimming facility is open 1/2-06 nearby where I live (Gilleleje). And today we went to try it. Yatzy was a bit insecure in the beginning, but after a while he enjoy it a lot! The girl who owns the place, jump into the water to support the dog, in a very nice and calm way - I can only recommend this place! 
Link to her homepage www.hundesvomning.dk 
  svomning_210306 001s.jpg (77818 byte) svomning_210306 002s.jpg (79610 byte) svomning_210306 003s.jpg (83501 byte) svomning_210306 009s.jpg (84079 byte)

 Show in Malmø, Sweden

  We went to a International show in Malmø, Sweden. First time in junior class and just 9 month old. Yatzy is  really a "young male" in the moment  :-( - he looks after all girls, so he had a very busy day!...x?5&#"??** grrrrr.. Now and then he was for sale.. LOL

He became best Junior and 2. best male with champion quality. See what the judge wrote about him

The judge liked him very much. I ask her, how come she chose the open class male as a winner, after we had run and run and run. I could feel, it was a difficult decision for her...She said: "Yatzy was just wonderful, but he wasn't completely developed and only 9 month" That's ok, his time will come, no doubt about that! Anyway he couldn't get the CACIB because he's too young. We had a great day with his friends Choice (Mette Hein), she became BOB and Cienna (Anne Nyquist).

  Foto: Åsa Lensu-Sjögren Foto: Åsa Lensu-Sjögren

Y udstilling står1_sa.jpg (93604 byte)


Work in the forrest click at the picture to enlarge 


180306 025.jpg (55654 byte)       

180306 027.jpg (42955 byte)      

180306 002.jpg (43086 byte)

180306 021.jpg (41153 byte)
  180306 032.jpg (48482 byte) 180306 022.jpg (57568 byte)

Beautiful Yatzy almost 9 month in the snow

05.03.06 Hvalpehold i Sorgenfri slotspark / Puppyclass 

Click at the pictures to enlarge




New pictures of Yatzy 8½ month old - looking at the sheep!



11.02.06 Pictures from the Danish Border Collie Club show. 
  Thanks to Tine Jensen  www.be-my-shadow.dk/index.htm who had taken theese pictures and Anne Nyquist for showing Yatzy. Yatzy became best puppy in show! He had entered 3 shows and has become best in his classes 3 times!! Wow what a start for my happy little man Yatzy..


Some new pictures of Yatzy almost 8 month - Isn't he just adorable?



A day in the forrest with Yatzy's friend Kiwi

10.01.06 Yatzy is now almost 7 month old - the time run so fast! I haven't update his site for a while, so now I try to remember what's happen since last update.

11. december Yatzy entered a inofficial show - he became best baby puppy in breed again!!

- Ohh... the snow!! Yatzy just loves the snow, he's so silly and funny and want to stay outside all the time!

- New Year evening. He didn't care about the fireworks and shooting. I had play the sound CD, two times at day the whole December to prepare him. We had a long work in the afternoon and the dogs got a big bone - so no problems here!!

- Our Obedience training goes very well. We had started to train other places, with different disturbs - He do it so well, and he still have a brilliant concentration.. ohh I really enjoy to train with him! Now I have to learn him, to be quiet, when I'm train with Dooby and Vomba!! *smile*

- We start serious herding training here in January  - its going to be very exciting to see, what kind of type he is. When we visit Anne (with the sheep) he's very alert and interested in the sheep's. A couple of times he had try to get through the fence, yes - he knows what to do! But more about this, in next update.


Yatzy 7 month


Our first show!!











  Today we had been to our first show together - I was very excited. Would he behave nicely? Could he stand and be concentrated? And what about the judge - could he like him?? I think he's very very well build and so beautiful *smile*

But Yatzy did it all so nicely, stands just beautiful by him self, run so nicely, I was so proud of my little man. 
He became best baby puppy in show!! Fantastic - at his first show, what a start!! Because he had won over so many today, he also became 

BEST BABY PUPPY in the Danish Border collie club 2005!

What a surprise and start at his show carrier, 5 ½ month old - it's going to be very exciting how he's develop in the future! Everything can happens!

BIG congratulations to Yatzy's sister Maccabee Highway Song (Zilla) she became best puppy in Finland Sunday 4.12.05 - what a start and weekend for the littermates!

Thanks Stine, Mads og Mette for taking these photos

See what the judge wrote about him





14.11.05   Yatzy 5 month.
    Dendi, Vomba og Yatzy having fun in the water
    Yatzy Aka Dumbo
    Look at us, how nice we can sit!
    Beautifull young man, at 5 month

  The time is running.. Yatzy is now 4½ month, and he's growing a lot. Right now he's really looks as a 4½ month old puppy - long legs, changing coat, big paws and a big head, with funny ears!!! But he's a big boy, he had lift his leg for 3 weeks now, when he is peeing..VERY EARLY.....!!!
Our obedience training are going very well, he loves to make heelwork, retrieve, recall and he is doing so good! He learn very very fast!! Also the wrong things *LOL* -  - - click to enlarge the pictures 

i haven 301005 022 lille.jpg (184238 byte)

i haven 301005 033 lille.jpg (154479 byte)

i haven 301005 031 lille.jpg (121632 byte)

i haven 301005 014 lille.jpg (157418 byte)

horizontal rule


ca. 3½ month

Yatzy i haven 230905 036 lille.jpg (141897 byte)

06102005 på stranden og div 022lille.jpg (93350 byte)

Yatzy i haven 230905 023 lille.jpg (168817 byte)

06102005 på stranden og div 025 lille.jpg (145014 byte)

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Last weekend we had a visit from Finland. Yatzy's breeder Ella and a friend visit us. And of course Ella shut see Yatzy at the sheep's. The first Maccabee dog who had the possibility to work at sheep. He's sooo great , very good instinct, was very concentrate, and have a big courage! He just loves to work at the sheep! He's even dare take up a fight with one of the sheep, who wouldn't move. Only 3 ½ month old...YES!!!! 
Thanks to Anne from Kennel Bordertop in the round pen, while I took pictures.






  Yatzy is now 3 month - the time is flying - he's just adorable. I had been to a lot of different competitions and trainings with Vomba, and Yatzy is of course, with us. He already has a lot of friends, a 5 month old Border Collie "Milan" , Berner Sennen Dendi, an not to forget Senna a brown and white Border Collie from Kennel Bordertop. She is going to do babysitting next weekend, when I , Dooby and Vomba is going to Germany. Yatzy can't go with us, because of the rabies vaccination is not ready yet.:-(

I  put up his ears now, because they still was a little heavy. I use fluid latex (thanks for the advice Stine and Mads), a very good and easy material to use, instead of real glue.

Here some pictures taken the last 14 days.


The digging dog!

hmm.. why mustn't  I dig any longer?

    Foto: Stine Hjort d. 4/9-05 Foto: Stine Hjort d. 4/9-05

Playing with my best friend Milan

    Foto: Stine Hjort d. 4/9-05 Foto: Stine Hjort d. 4/9-05

Goodbye Milan!

    Foto: Stine Hjort d. 4/9-05 Foto: Stine Hjort d. 4/9-05

What are they doing???

Ohh yes -  i'm to a sheep trial!

    Foto: Stine Hjort d. 4/9-05 Bagsværd sø d. 6/9-2005

Isn't I adorable??? 
Are you ready to take pictures?

Playing in the lake..

    Bagsværd sø d. 6/9-2005 Bagsværd sø d. 6/9-2005

Do they need help???

Having a great time.


Bagsværd sø d. 6/9-2005


2 wet and tired Border Collies after a good play and swim.


d. 5/9-05

    Look how fast I can run!!! I don't have heavy ears..















Now Yatzy is 10 weeks and has been in Denmark for a week, he’s well settled and we already had a lot of experience together! It’s so funny to learn him to know. He’s just a great little lion, very active little man and very self-confidence.

He’s just that kind of dog that I had hoped for  – Thanks again to the breeder, to let me have this beautiful little puppy with so big personality!!

Yesterday he met a 1½ years old Berner Sennen, Dendi. I was a little worried, because he’s just so small, and Dendi was sooo big and a little “silly”! But they had a great time, I didn’t had to be worried, they play, biting and running together and Yatzy isn’t afraid for anything. To see them play, was just gorgeous! Yes, he is a little lion.

He still loves to tease Dooby, but Dooby is getting better to be harsher at him, but Yatzy doesn’t really respect him. He’s Vomba’s shadow, everything Vomba does - he does the same, so funny to see!

 I just saw on our walk yesterday to the post office, he’s begun to be a little interested (eying) in cars that are driving. Today we going to train, just to look up, be aware at me and have a reward, just before the car is passing us. I train this exercise by clicker.

He’s basic obedient training is going very well; he’s very alert, offer to sit nice, do heelwork, when we are working. But I had to train some more, when I call, he had to come *smile* he always follow Dooby and Vomba. But that’s not good enough; we had to train it alone for a while….

Now we are going to the shopping centre, to have a look at these exciting things, that happens there. I’ll work at the streets with him minimum twice a day alone, and one time with Dooby and Vomba. He has to learn the world to know alone, and not always protected be Dooby and Vomba. When I train with him, its only Yatzy and me, otherwise I doesn’t got his attention 100%. Yes it hard work to have a puppy, but it gives so much back!








  Foto: Michael Varding-Hasse Foto: Michael Varding-Hasse
    Yatzy 9 ½ week to the Border Collie event







Yatzy "eyer" Dooby and Vomba

It's my water!


Dooby and Yatzy in the "jungle"

Yatzy are meeting the cat of the house for the first time

horizontal rule














Now Yatzy had been here a couple of days. Dooby is still a little insecure and don’t want anything to do with Yatzy. Today Yatzy found out that Dooby is a little afraid for him - the little beast :-) he tease him, bark at him… ohhh.. Yatzy IS a big boy! I had to safe Dooby from this little terrorist.. It was quite funny to see.. Poor Dooby!

Vomba is still very nice and consistent. Today Vomba had learn him to play with a bottle. First Vomba plays and then he put the bottle, in the front of Yatzy – “now its your turn to play”.. so nice to see..

Yesterday we went to his first puppy class. It was exciting to see, how he reacts and play with other dogs. I found a koikerhondje, almost the same age, to play with. It was great to see, what a  very good “dog language” he have. They had a very good time together. Heelwork: He can concentrate about 10 meters, that’s great, and offer to sit with my left foot – super!! He is a dog who like to look into the eyes, when we are working, nice thing to know in training for the future.

Another thing I found out yesterday was, he had a little bit of food defence. That means, he gets upset, when other dogs comes too close to his food (not Dooby and Vomba). I have to be very carefully now, that he’s not get any chance to defence his food. Never give the food close to other dogs in this period. 

A shame I didn’t bring my camera today. We went to Bagsværd sø (little lake). Dobby and Vomba loves to bath. So they jump fast in the water, and Yatzy, as usually, run after – out in the water, and he didn’t stop, so I had to call him back. I think Yatzy enjoy that, but I was afraid, that he should go to far .. no… I was scared that he would drown.. hi hi.. His puppy coat is like a swamp!

Ohh I forgot to tell Yatzy still is a little scared when Dooby is barking.. People who knows Dooby I’m sure will think “ soon, he get use to it” LOL.


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Yatzy, 9 weeks arrived yesterday evening from Finland – almost 10 months waiting is over! What a big day..

He’s just so cute, he went though the airport with his tail up in the air, and didn’t notice all the noise, and strange things happened – he is a cool little guy!

Dooby and Vomba’s meeting with him was funny. They were a little afraid of him in the beginning. Especially Vomba when Yatzy took his food, he jumps back and was so surprised! Later in the evening Yatzy would play with Vomba, Vomba told him in a nice way, that he didn’t want to play now. Yatzy didn’t respect it, and then Vomba told him a little harder. Ok Yatzy said, what a grumping friend …then he tries with Dooby.. He jumps into safe in the bed and ignore him LOL

I wouldn’t say that Dooby and Vomba are happy for my new decision. But I think it only takes some few days to get use to Yatzy. In the morning, both look some more at him, no he didn’t disappears over the night!

Yatzy slept the whole night, and wake me up at 7 o’clock, he told me, now its time for breakfast and getting out – he’s a very hungry and sweet confident little guy. No problem to move to a new place!

He is going to the vet today and has his first vaccinations and then we are going to meet the world!

This big bear is a present to Yatzy from Anne Nyquist, Kennel Bordertop!





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